My ex boyfriend broke up now how should I response/ take it?

Me and my ex had our rough time, we had only knowing each for 5 month and only been dating for 1 week. 10 days so be more correct. 1 week of dating is short time, but I didn't realise I liked him before 1 month and halv ago. Gonna be straight forward, my ex is Muslim and his parents are really religious. For some years now his mom trying to pick girls for him, like "oh look at this girl, she is so nice" and sadly sounds like she wanted him to day a girl from him home country. He told me how hard it's for him but he is also afraid to hurt her. One day he told me: "if my mom wanted him to marry this girl and if she tells me that if I said no, she won't be seeing me again. I will chose to marry her just to make her happy. I'm Asian and have Asian parents myself so I know how important its for him to make his parents happy so I didn't say much. My ex told me how much he loves me and missing me. He told me that he wanted to move to an apartment with me and he started to look for apartments even told me that he will tell his parents about me soon. And that day happens to be today.. Only 10 days at dating and when he told them they werent happy. But after talking everything sounds fine, but then just few hours ago he told me. I have 3 choices. 1. Is to break up with you and hopes that we still can be friends. 2. Staying with you, as building a life with you. 3. Staying with you, knowing that I has to leave you" so what do you think? He asked. I couldn't say much and he keep asking if I cried, and I just said no and told him that I should sleep. Now in the end he broke up and said: This is so hard for me and I don't want to make you sad, so I think it's best for us to end it now before it's too late or gets too serious. I'm gonna be honest I love him so much, that I didn't say anything and just letting him go may I ask if I made the right choice? Sorry for my shitty grammar, English aren't my first language.
My ex boyfriend broke up now how should I response/ take it?
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