Would you take her back if she did this?

So me and my boyfriend were at the beginning stages of our relationship. You know the beginning when you’re passionately in love without each other and can’t spend any time with that one another. He’s a very jealous person and Thought I was cheating on him since I’m constantly being hit up my guys. I never cheated on him but he went ahead and cheated on me with his ex. I for gave him because I know we all make mistakes but I have not really been the same sense. One night he apologized to me and I felt like it was really sincere he said he’s realized that I don’t trust him and he feels like he really messed up. I felt like he really messed up too so that night I got kind of drunk and like to him about still loving my ex. I kind of did it just to be hurtful. The next day he kicked me out because he couldn’t get over it. I drove to the gas station to pump gas and my car died. I called him asking him for help he did not want to help me. I called my ex And he of course hooked it up called and Uber, call the mechanic to fix my car and paid for it and also got me a rental for the week. I made sure my boyfriend knew this. That night I felt like shit because he didn’t help me so I ended up going out with another ex. I posted the pictures and his luxury car and of all of the nice places we went to. My ex had been in contact with me throughout this time but it was nothing like he wanted to get back together he was just being kind of stupid on my phone. So The next night I kind of went off on him because I felt like all of the things that were happening or freaking pointless. He literally stopped responding it’s been a week and I have not heard from him I know I was a bitch but what do you guy think would you forgive me? what is he feeling about all these men pulling out all stops for me? I mean my point of all of this was to show him that if I really wanted to I could do it big.
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Yes I get you complete. I fought so hard to not do that shit to him. But he kept pushing it so I was like all right fuck this LOL but you’re right even me and getting to that point is bullshit
Would you take her back if she did this?
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