How to find happiness in messed up family situation?

My parents broke up more than six months ago and my mum has meant to have moved out by now but she can’t afford to yet, which means the arguing, constant police being called and violence continues.

It all started when my mum started going out like every weekend and hooking up with guys. She just comes and goes as she pleases and my dad won’t put up with her treating the house as a bed and breakfast and using him. She doesn’t go grocery shopping anymore or cleans the house. Whenever my dad confronts her or tells her to get out his house she goes berserk and tries to stab him, punch him, destroys and smashes his stuff, hits his car with a baseball bat etc. my 12 yr old brother constantly has to intervene to stop her destructive behaviour and from hurting dad. Last night the police came again because she cut dads lip open and got violent again. When the police came she tried to fight them and got in her car and floored the accelerator into the cop car. The worse part is the next day she always acts normal like nothing happened.

I can’t put up with this any longer. My brother and I are embarrassed our mum is a volatile alcoholic that hoes around on the weekends and through the week and always taking dirty pictures of herself. She ignores her parents and the rest of her family which hurts everyone because they just want to help her. I just want to forget about it and be happy
How to find happiness in messed up family situation?
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