Is it a good idea to apologize to your ex?

I’m only apologizing for the part I played bc he caught me at a bad time and we both said really nasty things to each other. Being equally toxic hormonal 23year olds. I’m not sure if he’d like to hear it. We haven’t talked in three years. I haven’t even thought about him till recently. My friends say leave it be why would I bother? I doubt there’s anything he could say when we initially broke up I cried three days behind it. He tried to talk to me a year later but he caught me at a terrible time and we had a huge argument over the phone and text that lasted four days I shit you not. I didn’t cry or feel any type of way that time so I doubt there’s anything he could say to unnerve me if he wanted to. I’m conflicted bc part of me agrees with my friends leave it alone. The other part is when you think about someone this heavy you should reach out. I’ve thought about him for the passed two months for no reasons what so ever but he’s been popping in my head daily. To the point I check his Instagram about to hit the request button, and I never social media stalk people not even a former friend of 14years I stopped talking to.(She deserved my anger and disrespect) I don’t think he did which is why all the sudden I’m thinking about it now? I don’t want anything from him, I don’t expect him to accept the apology or really anything other than probably more insults. What’s the opinions? Bring Em on over.
Is it a good idea to apologize to your ex?
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