Should I give him an ultimatum?

I have been talking to a guy for nearly a month now, he lives 5 miles from me, yet we still have't met each other. Yet, when I started withdrawing myself, he still wants to speak to me. He kept making excuses to not see me and when the conversation started to die off, I got the hint and just said I was moving on.

Then he contacted me, but I avoided it for a while and he got upset, he didn't want me to leave. He wouldn't see me because he had a 'cold' (depends if its true or not as he went out drinking with his pals still) and I leave country to see family during xmass. He told me he might have to see me before I go? We do have good conversations etc but I get the impression seeing me his a mission to him. Question: Should I call it quits for good or see what he has to say? At this point, I give up
Should I give him an ultimatum?
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