My new girlfriend told me she still has feelings for her ex?

she's my classmate and it all started a month ago when i was depressed and she smiled at me. I loved her smile since then. We started talking a bit and 2 weeks ago i told her i like her (came naturally) and she said she likes me too. Those 2 weeks were great, been on a date and met up last Saturday on my way back home at night and it was magical, we texted every day and became close, she also told me she's depressed and i make her feel a lot better, we broke the physical barrier, we talked about inappropriate stuff and told each other secrets very fast (still haven't kissed tho). Was a gd 2 weeks till Thursday when she told me that she thinks she still has feelings for her ex (they have been together for 2 years and broke up 3 months ago) then said she was sry and asked if we can stay friends, she also told me that we can stop talking if i was angry at her but i said ill never leave her (bcz she said she was depressed and i started catching feels) and i told her she should text him and try to work things out which she did and they started to talk again. Then the next day i saw her at scl and acted casual like idm, but it felt like nothings wrong and we kept looking into each others eyes passionately and being touchy (she seemed still attracted even tho she ain't a hoe). Now many friends told me to leave her and RUN since im just a rebound for her breakup. But i feel like i can't and i may regret it later
My new girlfriend told me she still has feelings for her ex?
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