Am I being over sensitive about this comment?

Tonight at dinner I was talking to my parents, I was joking about the deer meat my mom had made for dinner, my dad butchered it himself instead of taking it to a butcher shop. This isn’t his first time doing so. I read online their is a new disease going around in deer similar to the “mad cow disease” I told him “how do you know this deer isn’t sick and it’s not going to infect us, aren’t butchers trained to look out for this sort of thing?” And my mom looked at me annoyed and said “knock it off, you know you say things that make no sense and it really annoys me all the time” I don’t know why but that comment she made really hurt me it had put tears in my eyes because I feel like I spend my whole life trying to please her and not feel like a disappointment but when she makes comments like that it just really gets to me. I was only joking around and it was pretty obvious I was.
Am I being over sensitive about this comment?
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