Is my friend a psychopath?

I don’t need to go into a huge story. So I’ll just list the most current event.

She said her mother was having a huge surgery,
And that she was dying, and that she needed her whole heart redone...

So I called her after this “surgery” and she didn’t pick up.. she then called and told me her mom was in the ICU to rest? Within a couple hours her mom was on her instagram liking my photos.. ICU MUCH?

A week later my friend sends me a FaceTime and her mom is walking around the house folding clothes and listing things for eBay...

I just got a text twenty minutes ago that she’s swinging around in the back of a ambulance with her mom on her way to the emergency room and she will keep me posted.

Is it just me or does this all not add up? Give me your thoughts.. this is only one example of her foolery.
Is my friend a psychopath?
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