How do you stop thinking about someone you love?

My ex and I had a great relationship for 3 months. He was the one to approach me. Tried very hard to convince me. He showed love in a way that seemed very genuine. Once I made a joke that turned him off. I was sorry and said it was a joke but he said he took it seriously. Anyways, he said it’s okay later. After 1-2 weeks he started distancing himself that’s when in confronted him. He said he realized he tried to love me but couldn’t and he isn’t ready. It seemed shady and I was going crazy. I tried to work things out with him 3-4 times but he didn’t value it. He left me with so much confusion. He claimed to my colleague that he isn’t over his ex so he stepped out. I find that hard to believe. He would of realized it at the starting of dating me wouldn’t he? Right now I am having a hard tome moving on. Not finding interest in anything or anyone. I also had a very bad college semester this fall. Everything is making me fall apart. The worst part is we work in the same place. Everything reminds me of him. I was the most positive person. Never wanted a relationship or go get involved in love stuff until he worked really hard to get me. What should I do? I feel like I lost myself.
How do you stop thinking about someone you love?
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