So guys ever miss their ex?

So me and my ex are both 25. We broke up on Dec 7th. So almost two weeks ago. But we didn’t stop talking until Dec 16th. It’s the 20th today. He broke up with me. He said he didn’t love me anymore, and then said that he wasn’t over me, and then changed his mind back to saying that he was over me. When he said he was over me, he also got jealous of me wearing any tight or revealing clothes. I don’t know why he’s jealous if he said he’s over me?

Anyway, I’m pregnant, and I have an appointment in a week. The last day we talked, I just told him to text me in a week and he said ok. But now I’m just wondering, do guys miss their ex? And how long does it take for guys to miss their ex? It’s just confusing to me because he’s so indecisive and giving me mixed signals.

by the way, if anyone is wondering. I didn’t cheat or lie or anything. He told me after our breakup that I helped him out a lot. I don’t want him back, but I do miss him, if that makes sense? And I’m just wondering if he feels the same, or if he ever will miss me as well?
So guys ever miss their ex?
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