Does this sound normal?

I went to the dentist last month for a check up and he said everything looked perfect and to go back in 6 months, but then he said he wanted to do an X Ray which cost me but I didn’t mind, he then told me that I needed 3 fillings which surprised me because I hadn’t been getting any pain or discomfort and he told me a few minutes ago that everything was perfect. I asked him what else can I do to prevent tooth decay because I brush my teeth twice a day, use mouthwash and I use interdental brushes. He told me that I’m eating too much chocolate and sugary drinks, which I told him I’m not, I drink water and I hardly eat chocolate. He gave me a list of different foods that cause tooth decay and asked if I ate any of them which I didn’t, but it sounded like he didn’t believe me because he said I need to monitor my diet because I’m eating a lot of something in that list... I’ve lost 25lbs this year by monitoring my diet and I definitely do not eat a lot of anything on that list.

Then my mum went to the dentist with tooth pain and he said he couldn’t see anything, he did an x Ray and said that it’s hard to tell by X Rays if someone has a filling but he then did a visual inspection again and said she has a cavity forming, a tiny one. My mum drinks coke and eats chocolate daily and she was in a huge amount of pain with one tiny cavity that hadn’t turned into a hole yet.

Yet I drink water and watch what I eat, I have zero pain and discomfort and I have 3 cavities?
Does this sound normal?
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