Did I mess up the “No Contact” with my ex?

So it says everywhere that when you and an ex break up and you want them back, you’re supposed to go “no contact”. So you’re not supposed to text, call, talk to your ex at all and let them come to you.

He broke up with me 2 weeks ago. The last time we talked was on Monday. We dated for a year. I’m pregnant, and yes it’s his. My doctor thought he saw two sacs, but couldn’t get a good view so he told me to come back. I have an appointment next Friday, and I told my ex about it so he could go with me and told him to just text me then. Since Monday, neither of us had contacted each other.

But then, my doctor called me on Friday and I went. I didn’t tell my ex. I just went by myself. And he was able to get a better view, and there wasn’t a second sac (that means no twins). There’s a history of twins on both sides.

Anyway, I was gonna tell my ex whenever or if he ever texted me. But then tonight, at 2am, I ended up just sending him the photo of the ultrasound and told him “just 1”. He didn’t reply. And I for paranoid that he blocked my number, I called and he didn’t answer (he didn’t block me). I’m assuming he’s asleep.

But did I ruin the whole “no contact” thing? Like he’s gonna think I’m still pinning for him?
Did I mess up the “No Contact” with my ex?
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