It’s been a year and I still miss my ex?

My ex dumped me last year, around Christmas time. He lives in another state now. We had been together for only a year, but knew each other and dated for almost two years. He gave me a promise ring for Christmas, and then we broke up two days later. We had plans to move in together. We always talked about marriage and kids one day. We were the couple everyone thought would get married.

We had a series of small arguments leading up to Christmas, but always seemed to get past them. Then, the day after Christmas my ex and I had plans to spend time together, and he ditched me for his friends. I called him out for it, and he dumped me, with no explanation other than he wasn’t happy anymore. Looking back, I should have just never said anything and we would still be together.

My life has changed so much this past year. I keep hearing it takes about half the length of your relationship to get over someone. I think part of what makes it so hard is I never really got closure. Plus, his family was like family to me. I was so close with his mom and siblings. I know we have no shot at getting back together. We live in different states now, plus I am moving in 6 months. How do I get past this?
It’s been a year and I still miss my ex?
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