I need to understand men. why are you guys difficult?

My ex boyfriend told me he needed space about a month ago. I was so heartbroken but I gave him his space I didn't call him or tx him. On Thanksgiving day he tx me saying happy Thanksgiving so I reply back to him and if course I had to ask him if he missed me and he said he did.. but then I didn't hear from him at all so to me it's like how much more time do u need.. so I decided I can't waste time on him I'm not in high school and dont need to be immature so I wrote him a letter expressing my feelings how he hurt me and his promises but I told him I wasn't mad and I didn't hate him and that i hoped no girl would play with his feelings because it's the worst feeling ever. And I also told him that I wished him the best. so then I told him if we can't meet up somewhere one day to exchange our belongings. I left some of my clothes and sone of my sons clothes at his house and one my sons car seat. And I have two jackets and small items that belong to him. But I especially wanted to return the ring he gave me which he is still pay for it. I send it and he never replied back. Why? And on his fb he still has in relationship. Why hasn't he changed it? I do miss him and love him but I can't be doing waiting like little kids.
I need to understand men. why are you guys difficult?
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