Am I crazy or do I need to re-evaluate the situation?

So my boyfriend and I both dropped out of college around the same time to peruse careers in a trade. I started going to cosmetology school full time and he found a job as an electricians apprentice. Now lately I’ve noticed some differences in his behavior because his face reads miserable a lot lately or just.. I don't know no excitement or happiness like he usually is. And I understand that he’s still trying to figure out whether he even likes it or not and I get that he’s a couple years older than me so as a man he’s prob a little disappointed because he’s not completely satisfied with where he is in life rn but I feel as tho because of this whole mood change, that his unhappiness is because of me. I ask him almost every time if he’s doing ok and he always tells me yes and gets aggravated with me when I do ask a lot. I get that it prob does getting annoying but if you’re acting different almost every time I see you then clearly there is something going on. So recently my boyfriend said that the reason he doesn’t confess a lot of his stress is because he knows I’m dealing with a lot myself in my own life and said he doesn’t want to add anything else to my plate. I don’t know how to approach him anymore cause I feel like it’s my fault and it’s turning me off.
Am I crazy or do I need to re-evaluate the situation?
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