Does she now realize what we had?

My ex girlfriend dumped me for another guy about a year ago. After she dumped me I blocked her for a week to heal. After I unblocked her she blocked me in return and has since then. However, at work, she’s always initiating contact with me. Extremely nice and respectful and will drop whatever she’s doing to help me even when I don’t need or ask for it. She’s ALWAYS staring at me. She gets jealous of who I’m dating/ asking people if I’m getting married. And I noticed her about to cry when I got an important promotion.

Do you think she loved me or misses me?

Usually girls reach out when they miss a guy right? Apparently he’s extremely controlling (work gossip) I’d take her back, but that’s not my goal. Plus she’s still with him. I’m just wondering if she ever cared or if I was just a plaything for her. I think it would help to know if she just threw me away, at least she realizes we had something nice and I wasn’t just worthless. I just want to know so I can get a more realistic view of relationships in general.
Does she now realize what we had?
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