Does LD Relationship Work?

My girlfriend from Mississippi and I from Malaysia have been dating for around 3 months or so and known each other for half a year.
I confronted her yesterday on my worries of me holding her back to a better life of being with someone else that could be better than me that's closer to her in distance, so I asked if she would take the chance if the opportunity comes so that she can have a better life since she's way out of my league *I am lucky to have her as my gf*
She was hurted and we argued abit but in the end she gave the choice of if she would take the opportunity or not to me and I said no since I didn't want to lose her.
I need some advice on this matter and some confidence boost to be a better boyfriend for her
Am I bad for keeping her bound to me even thou she choose to as well? Are we making a mistake in our choices?
please help
Does LD Relationship Work?
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