Are my sisters envious of me or am I playing victim?

Ever since I started college, two of my sisters have treated me like shit. I thought at some point that maybe I suck at being a sister and maybe I do, but it feel like nothing I do matters. My sister has her baby, I get shit for not driving 4 hours on a school week to be there for the birthing. One sister let’s me stay at her place for a month. So I get her hair done with a promise from her that she will pay me back. Her hair appointment costed $500 and she never paid me back. She said it was for rent staying with her for a month. My sister complains about her husband being a cokehead and (like an idiot) I lie and say that I’ve done coke to comfort her to feel better. She tells family members. In response out of anger, I told her business. She gets mad at me and says she wants to fight me. I complain to my family and they say that I am playing victim. My younger brother grows up and gets stronger and taller than me so he believes he can curse at me and speak to me any kind of way. I have reached a breaking point with my family. I know it’s fucked up but I said that I wished they would all die on a plane crash. I didn’t mean it but I am tired of trying to be perfect all the time only to still be not good enough. During holidays I am ALWAYS the laughing stock. If I bring friends around they purposely try to embarrass. I get accepted into Harvard medical school and one of my sisters neither said congratulations, went to my grad party, or to my graduation. Am I playing victim? Do I suck? Or what? Family is not supposed to hate each other over an argument but they hate me like I’m a stranger off the street!
Are my sisters envious of me or am I playing victim?
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