How long is too long to be strung up on a relationship?

We dated for a month. He was the most amazing person who I have ever been with. Keep in mind I haven't been with many people. I just liked how simple things were with him. And he was very attractive too. Everything happened very fast. I met his parents and friends in the second week we were together. I thought this meant he was serious about me. So I introduced him to my family. I feel silly now because he broke up with me. For good reason none the less and I understand that things would not have worked out in the long term. So I accept it. Anyways, he seems to have moved on. It's been two weeks since we broke up. He doesn't text or call or interact on social media. It's like we never knew each other. Which is crazy because it wasn't an ugly breakup. I tried texting and he didn't really seem interested in speaking. It's been hard on me and I'm still not over him. I wake up thinking about him and I cry a lot. I guess what I want to know is; should I be over him by now? He's over me clearly and it makes me feel like I should be over him. I'm worried I'll go on like this for a long time and that bothers me. I don't want to be that dramatic person who can't get over someone they dated for just one month.
How long is too long to be strung up on a relationship?
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