Do I have reason to be afraid of my ex boyfriend?

We split over 2 years ago and he’s been with another girl pretty much since we broke up.

When we were together, he was never violent towards me but was emotionally abusive. I also know that he’d get in fights with guys while we were a couple. My ex has a drink & drug problem. Once, when we were at breakfast, I even heard him make a phone call & threaten to slit a guys throat (over drugs in guessing.) Also while we were together, an old, guy, school friend messaged me just saying hey & my ex went batshit crazy at both me & the guy. He even sent him abusive messages from his phone.

Anyways, since we’ve split he has never really left me alone. I think the max amount of time was about 4 months. It started off just friendly messages here &! there seeing how I was doing and just apologising for his behaviour. It seems to have gotten more intense as time has gone on... He sent me a photo of him cutting himself and said it wasn’t all because of me but I was part of the reason. He said he can’t deal with losing me. He also told me he was suicidal and I had to talk him off a ledge for 2 hours. This has stopped and he doesn’t do that now. He’s now started messaging me about him and I - which I just kind of rebuff and say I’ll be his friend. He asked me who I’ve been with since him, then immediately told me not to tell him because the thought of me being with someone else makes him really angry (not that I would tell him anyway.) He messaged me a week ago and I didn’t reply straight away for whatever reason, so he got annoyed and was asking me if I was at my boyfriends house that’s why I didn’t reply quicker. He then messaged me a few days later, annoyed at me because I went on a night out and didn’t text him.

I know the last few things may seem trivial - but do you think I have reason to be alarmed and worried about his behaviour? I don’t think he would physically harm me but I don’t know, in the back of my mind, I can see it getting worse. What do you think I should do?
Do I have reason to be afraid of my ex boyfriend?
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