Did I do the right decision in breaking up with him?

Pls help. Its affecting my life at the moment.

I dont know where to start. But i just want some advice if i made the right decision…

I was talking to my ex boyfriend (9 months) about how I protected myself from sickness but still got it somehow.

He laughed it off which seemed very rude to me. I dont want to be ill. He said sorry. I asked him why he laughed and he said I will never get it.

Then I told him.. this is why I’m not sure in introducing you to my family
then it began. He said “Don’t then.”

I asked him why is he like this. He said I dont know why you are like this too.
Me: Why are you rude today?
Him: am i not rude always and everyday?
me: pls stop playing the victim..

(because it will happen again. Am the one who got hurt but will say sorry again)

then he said he can do whatever he wants
and I ended the relationship there in which he only replied ok.

after 1 day. I messaged him again saying I regret the break up but he wouldn’t take me in anymore so I begged… and he said he will think about it..

there has also been times such as.. He told me if he found someone better.. he would replace me.. He did take good care of me but his insensitiveness…. causes the me to get angry and start arguments in our relationship
do you think I was right to leave this guy?
Did I do the right decision in breaking up with him?
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