How can I gain her trust back?

i broke my girlfriends trust because i couldn’t control my lust for women, i would check out girls in front of her and follow a bunch of models on social media and like their photos. She called me out of the checking out girls part earlier (which told me it made her feel insecure) and she forgave me for that and i completely stopped doing that but when she found out about the whole social media thing and all the girls i follow it was the last straw and she broke up with me.

This led to her not being able to trust me anymore and thinking she’s not her type. I apologize and asked to give me one more chance. and she said no. i owned up to my actions and apologize once more time and accepted that i lost her.

She messaged me shortly after saying deep down she doesn’t wanna break up but she’s afraid of getting hurt again. I told her and promised her nothing of this sort will ever happen again and after a few tries she said yes. Now that we’re back together there’s tension and she doesn’t even wanna kiss me or hold my hand. She says she’s not ready for that and is still scared. I love her so much i just want her love back. How can rebuild her trust again?
How can I gain her trust back?
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