My ex texted me out of the blue. Help?

My exboyfriend texted me and told me merry Christmas, like most exes do. We got to chatting and I tried to end the conversation because I had moved on and was finally okay with the split. But then he started liking a bunch of old photos at odd hours of the day, and mentioned that I hadn’t replied back to him previously (quite awhile back, just recently after we broke up.) I usually can reconnect with exes but not for a very long time and by then all the feelings are gone. I’m content with our split, but wondering if he might not be? Should I continue conversation on a friend level or leave things as they were? I don’t want to get those feelings back, but he was a good friend through lots of hard times for me. The breakup was about two or three ish months ago.
My ex texted me out of the blue. Help?
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