Should I take medication for anxiety or depression?

I’m not sure if there is such a thing about natural ingredients that don’t have side effects. I’m not sure how they would effect me either so I want to hear opinions on what they do. or if you had any before that could help me even know anyone that has before. I don’t go to therapy either if that makes a difference for my choices.
For my anxiety I rarely have panic attacks and freak out a lot. I worry about choices I make with money or something stupid. Little things bother me. I get aggravated and irritated easily. I will rip my skin on my hand for no reason and fidget with anything I can get my hands on. For my depression, I cry over nothing and lay in bed staring at my ceiling. I’ll even sleep in the middle of the day and at night have a restless sleep. I can’t seem to stay asleep or go to bed easily or get up on my own.
Should I take medication for anxiety or depression?
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