I cheated on my boyfriend.

Last night I was at my friends house with a few other girls.

Then one of the girl's called up her guy friends (19, 20, and 21 years old)

They rocked up, and we met with them at the bottom of the street, they brought some alcohol.

I got tipsy, but not drunk, I knew what I was doing.

There was one guy in particular that I took particular interest in, and was flirting with.

Eventually we all went up to the house, and the 19yr old, me, the 21yr old, and one other girl were on the bed (in that order beside eachother)

Me and the 21yr old were getting frisky.

I touched his d*** (through clothes) and we were hell close (he had his shirt off), and throughout the night he touched my @ss (through clothes and not through clothes), and my boobs (through clothes and not through clothes).

I was 'sandwiched' between the 19yr old and the 21yr old for most of the night, and the 19yr old also was touching my boobs and @ss, and I touched his d*** through clothes a couple times, but not as much as the 21yr old.

The 21yr old also touched my vag (through jeans) heaps..

and so did the 19yr old..

Both kept undoing my fly, but I didn't let them touch me 'in my pants' (not through clothes), mainly because I hadn't shaven, and I was a wee bit 'spiky', but also because I felt a bit guilty.

Also later on in the night (morning, about 2am) the 21yr old undid his pants, and kept trying to move my hand into his pants, but I didn't want to, because it made it feel to personal.

About 20 or so minutes before they got kicked out by one of the girls there, the 21yr old started to kiss me on my cheek, and then attempted my lips, but I told him no, because I didn't want to be emotional, because I personally found kissing a lot worse than 'touching'.

Additional Details:

My boyfriend is 17

We have been going out for just under a month

I went further with the 19 and 21yr old than me and my boyfriend have ever been

But there was no kissing, because I found that too emotional

I am a virgin.

That night was the furthest I've been

i have never cheated before

I haven't told my boyfriend yet.

I don't plan on.

Please give me some advice, on anything, opinion, whatever, I just need some form of response, because I can't talk to anyone, otherwise my bf'll find out..
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I told him.

And he was willing to 'forget' it, and move on, because he didn't want to lose me..

but I thought that it was wrong of him to let me get away with it, so I broke it off..
I cheated on my boyfriend.
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