How to break up? Emotionally abusive relationship?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 2 years, I live at his place. The thing is, he was a gentleman at the beginning, now almost everything he does annoys me. When we fight, he days awful things, I cry, I say we should break up, he agrees, but after that he gives me affection and we sorta forget about it. But it emotionally draines me and I can't imagine building a family with him.
Last time I said that if we have one more fight, I will leave. I would have left that night, in 30 December, but with him at home, I just can't. I just cry and he wouldn't let me. But I promised myself that I would leave on the first day when he leaves to work. But now we are fine again... would you leave like this? Or should I wait for the next fight?
How to break up? Emotionally abusive relationship?
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