After 7 months I am still saddened over it ending... Advice?

I am a senior in college (22) and was 21 seeing a 37 financial advisor divorcee (in debt) with an 9 year old son... We had known each other for a bit over a year (mutual friends) , and had been "on and off" for about 8 months, but 3 months consistently, I cut if off both times ( 1st time he was inconsistent 2nd time he didn't commit)...

After a small argument (via text) about how I had a stalker and ranted to him, he told me "no time to respond to paragraphs with my son" after I said it's lowkey kinda rude when he doesn't respond to everything I said (gave me the silent treatment for 2 days until I apologized)... So I stated I'm not going to wait for me to give me what I want/ need and said we need time “to cool off” since it was my last week on my 5 week business trip after that week ( be began to apologize w/ all his hard claiming that he was just overwhelmed)

... After, we made small convo and let him know I made it back to our state. After, the awkward convo, about 2 weeks later I reached out again (another short convo), and just ended it with " Well, I hope you have a great rest of your day"... Then the next day I see he posted a picture online w/ two beautiful women on his left and right, so unfollowed him on all social media (like blocked and unblocked, so he's not following me).
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I'll headed to grad school right after undergrad, have great friends/support system (something I didn't have when I was entertaining him), take care of my looks/super health conscious, do therapy, professional model, travel... WHY am I SO depressed over this still... It sucks caring so much/hard about people sometimes, its hard to genuinely let go...
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I'm also upset how he would come back a SECOND time, introduce me to all these people and say he "needs more time to get to know me" what.
After 7 months I am still saddened over it ending... Advice?
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