Am I the rebound for my ex's rebound or does he really want me back?

Long story short, details are in previous posts of mine. I'm now 35 and he's now 38. Dated for a 1.5 years, broke up about 6 months ago. He cheated with his neighbor. We tried working it out, but he got so distant that I ended up leaving. Here's the thing now... He got into a rebound relationship with the neighbor. She's bad news and we all knew it. They broke up on Christmas Eve. He started texting me here and there a couple weeks before they broke up, but we've talked every day since they broke up. He came to my house and we talked about everything going on and got it all out in the open. We agreed that we're just friends and that he needs some time to himself. We decided at the spur of the moment to take the kids to the beach to watch fireworks for New Years. It's a 5 hour trip for us so we got a hotel. We had a great time, but now I'm confused. We agreed we're just friends, but we acted like a couple at the beach and even on the way home, holding hands and all (but no sex, he turned it down). He texted me good night last night after he left, and good morning this morning. His Facebook posts are taking aim at her though (the memes and quotes he's posting even this morning), and he said that he didn't want to post anything of us on Facebook because he didn't want to seem that he was rubbing it in her face. What's the deal? Is he confused? Does he want me back? Am I the rebound to his rebound? Is he just using me to have a hand to hold and a girl beside him because he doesn't want to be alone?
PS - I found out when he came over the first time and we got everything in the open that he kind of holds me on a pedestal. He said I was the strongest, smartest woman he knew and he was just glad to be able to talk to me again without feeling guilty for it. He had some extra stuff going on in his life that he felt like he could talk to me about. He said that's also why he doesn't want to have sex with me. He doesn't feel like he's man enough right now to deserve sex with me.
Am I the rebound for my ex's rebound or does he really want me back?
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