I have a emotionally draining friend, what should I do?

Okay so I have a best friend of several years named Jessica. She’s so emotionally draining, she’s always depressed, has anxiety and is always dwelling about something. It’s always negative with her.. when I tried reaching out to her and mentioning she should see a therapist or be put on antidepressants she just shut the idea right down and refused to try it. She’s constantly talking to me about boys.. she’s boy crazy and jumps around a lot. It’s always minor things that are wrong with her but she’s always acting like her whole world is crashing down on her, she’s always crying about something, she’s always depressed and talking to me about it but yet she does nothing to change what she’s upset over, she does nothing to try and make her self feel better, I’m constantly just telling her the same advice over and over again and honestly I’m sick of it she’s starting to drain me and drag me down with her and I’m not having that happen. I told her to get help, talk to a counselor and be put on medicine and she tells me she will and then just never does. Whenever I try to reach out and tell her how I feel she automatically says “I’m such a crappy friend I’m so sorry” and just cries about it. She’s not a bad friend but she’s becoming one because of how she’s acting and treating her mental state. What should I do?
I have a emotionally draining friend, what should I do?
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