Why is it that girls like a guy who already has girls all over him the best?

when I was a big loser I couldn’t get a girl to save my life.

But girls really seem to judge a guy based on whether other girls like him or not.

Personally, I’ve gone from lonely loser to having tons of female friends. Girls be hugging me and yelling out my name and chasing me for a hug. A few like me and I’ve been kissing this girl and that girl. Meanwhile I have a crush on one who isn’t one of those girls chasing me around.

But this is about all those girls. It’s crazy. It’s like they don’t even see me or my personality. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that other girls like me, and then more girls come.

I feel like I have a harem of women chasing me now. It all started with a single girl. Just one girl who for some reason liked me. And then others saw me and her, but she had a boyfriend so she was off limits. So other girls started copying her. Trying to flirt with me and bump into me and be near me. Hug me all that shit.

The thing that really confirmed it all for me, was listening to my female friends talk about other men. When a guy is a player with a ton of women, they LOVE that. They always say “it’s OK, I don’t mind I’ll be one of his many many hoes.” They love men who have tons of women all over them.

But for example, here on this site, based on what I’ve read from women on here. Y’all hate that. You girls claim to hate that anyways. But it’s a big lie.

I feel like I have probably spent too much learning about people... from the internet. The internet taught me about women and it taught me wrong. The truth can only be obtained in real life. Cuz girls online lie and don’t know what they want. In real life you can find the truth.

But, see, that scenario is the pimp player scenario. While girls do love a guy who is a player and owns it and is open about all the women he fucks. Girls still really like any guy who has female friends.

So ultimately my conclusion for guys who are struggling to find success with women. Make a ton of female friends.
Why is it that girls like a guy who already has girls all over him the best?
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