Flirting in the workplace?

This is my first Job so I don't know how these boss/employees work. But me and my supervisor are always teasing each other. He’s 1 year older me. He started this thing where he just yells my name from across the room & smiles. When I do it back he’s like “it’s not the same effect” while smiling. One day I like jokingly blocked him from walking by and he playfully tried tripping me. Once he told me I have a nice voice, he said he has a thing for the girls in my religion. But sometimes he’s kinda rude and telling me do this & do that, get off my phone when there’s no customer. Or he told me it’s crazy I went on break after u and I finished before you (meaning I took a too long of a break).
He’s a pretty talkative person like he wants to be a cool supervisor & tries to talk to everyone around him.
Flirting in the workplace?
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