Coughing so hard?

Coughing normally is not an issue, I’ve been coughing very mildly for a few weeks.

Ocassionally it gets to a stage where my throat gets so ticklish that I can’t stop coughing. It’s like a cough attack. More I cough more it tickles. My tears start falling down. I wipe my nose and then it slowly calms down. It lasts for a minute or two. It’s embarrasing I always want to get away from everyone that time. Not even a drink helps.

However this thing is not persistent the whole year, it only happens when I already have coughing issues.

What is it, what can I do? The worst thing is when you are at a class, on a bus. You have nowhere to hide. ☹️
Coughing so hard?
Coughing so hard?
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