Is she being honest? Will she let me know?

Without going into too much detail. This girl gave me the it's not me it's her speach after 5 dates and I was heartbroken. She said she liked me and no one treated her as nice as I have.
She had a few relationships go sour, and she had a period before she met me where she struggled with drugs like cocaine and stuff like that. She is also struggling with work, implying she got fired for the drugs, and is suspended for a week because if attitude.
She said she wanted to not date me or anyone else and find herself and just get her life together. She said I was an amazing person, and I'd make someone so happy, but it can't be her because if where she's at right now. I told her I understood, but I deeply cared about her. I said I hoped that when things change for her, that maybe we could try again, and I hoped she'd keep me in mind.
She said she would let me know, and that she just needed to get herself right first.

Is she being honest? Will she let me know if we can try again?
She's being honest, she will let me know
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She's lying, and she won't
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Is she being honest? Will she let me know?
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