Could I handle this "break up" better? Why doesn't he accepted my response?

The story is I met this guy on Tinder, we both went through a bad relationship and break ups were even worse. So I told him I don't want anything serious and he agreed we'll just have fun. He was smoker, and kinda a heavier drinker than what I used to and have some irritating quirks, but overall a good person... he was my friends with benefits. Then things with my ex "my baby daddy" keep getting intense and I got depressed and before I knew it was in a relationship. I keep pushing him away and telling him not ready for another relationship and I need to really work myself. But just like my ex he would guilt trip me into staying. March of 2018 after 2 fail attempts we finally broke up but decided to be friends but it still felt like a relationship... We stop seeing each much, but then he'll invite himself over, make plans for us so yesterday I snapped at him and said this still feel like a relationship and I don't want his love. Also told him I walk on eggshells because he's so sensitive about everything and that I "baby" him more than my 4 years old and 11 years old kids. The main issue is he doesn't have kids and he want me have his kids and marry him. I've been open and honestly told him I don't want more kids or to get marry. I've been upfront and honest with him. Since the beginning and he doesn't value how I feel and purposely choose ignore my words. He thinks if he waits for me I would want more kids and marriage. I told him I care for him but I'm not in love... but he thinks that I'll love him eventually and change. I told him to keep dating other women because I don't want more kids or marriage. I had 2 C-sections and I don't want third one or the responsibilities of third child... I work at daycare and have my own 2 one with Autism. I know did the right thing, and it was going to messy. I feel like I keep voicing my feelings, I turned down gifts, keep it friendly, and reminding him to "don't do that, that's boyfriend behavior, we're friends." I snapped but I don't want a relationship.
Could I handle this "break up" better? Why doesn't he accepted my response?
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