I don’t see a future with my boyfriend?

I (22f) have been dating my boyfriend (24m) for a year and I don’t see a future with him.
At the start of the relationship I could, but he made it clear he didn’t want to even think about a future together because he wanted to focus more on himself. I understood that and I kind of shut my emotions off so I wouldn’t feel as attached to him as he worked on himself.
This past month he has done a complete 180. He said he loves me for the first time, has become really clingy, and started talking about a future with me. After months of pushing these feelings aside, I don’t feel the same anymore.
I genuinely like him, he’s a sweetheart and makes me smile like no one else but I feel a bit numb to the situation.
I explained to him how I felt and he said he was more than willing to wait for me to open up again but I just feel odd about the whole scenario.
Any advice?
I don’t see a future with my boyfriend?
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