What are your thoughts on texting an ex?

We’ve all been there— a recent, or maybe not so recent, breakup has left you completely and utterly confused. Maybe you initiated the end and regret doing so, or maybe they broke your heart and you’re just trying to cope and move on. But the ever lingering thought of “what if?” carries on, despite whether you know what is good for you or not. What if we had communicated better? What if I had set stronger boundaries? What if.. we could try again?

The device you are holding in your hands could find the answers, but at what cost? I know that I have been put in this position many times, mainly with the same one ex. Well, this morning, in a moment of weakness, I did what I had been stopping myself from doing ever since we had broken up. I sent a text. After nervously waiting 30 minutes for a reply, I finally received one and it was exactly what I wanted to read. That he had been thinking about me as well, and was trying to cope with the loss of our relationship in the same manner as myself, and it gave me hope.

But is this hope just another time extension on a relationship that has ended already? Or could this be the real deal this time? All that I know is that life is too short to not say what you mean, and if you say it well, you might just hear what you’ve been needing to. Whether it sparks a fire that had been reduced to embers or only proves that you two are not meant to be, texting an ex could be beneficial to your own personal growth, the relationship, or even both.

What are your thoughts on texting an ex?
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What are your thoughts on texting an ex?
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