What game is he playing? Please help?

So, my husband of 6years and I have been separated for a year because I caught him cheating. But I know this sounds dumb we have a really big love and connection. So I made him move out when I found out he cheated, because our last 2 years we had some issues... ever since he really didn’t try. He has been in clubs and with girls since.. but he will come to me and be like I miss u I wanna see u and for a week we’ll be good and then he’ll get quiet and I’ll find out he’s with another girl and I get upset and he says, I told you we are impossible task to be together... but honestly I am a good wife and human to him. I don’t complain at all when we are good or do anything bad. I only get upset when he opens my heart and I think we’re getting back together and he’s changing but then boom, he discards me and says I’m the bad one.
What game is he playing? Please help?
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