I think he likes me?

Ok I think for sure that the guy I like likes me. I thought saying cute stuff to him online would drive him away but now it seems obvious that he likes me? Regardless of ignoring half my replies his actions speak louder than no words. At the gym I came in and saw he was across the room. I think he must’ve seen me because I was working out in a certain area I can see that he came over was looking at me as if he wanted to work out by me (at first wasn’t sure cause he just came over was looking at me and left) at first I thought he was avoiding me but then I went over to this area to do leg raises which is kind of where I was at , I notice he comes over right by me. I thought ok here’s my chance I tried looking at him to see if he’d look at me but he didn’t budge either he’s shy to look back or just a coincidence that we were by each other. What are your thoughts?
I think he likes me?
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