Toxicity, break-ups, second chances. So many choices to make?

I was in a long-term relationship for a bit more than a year. (Canada - France) and the girl was toxic. Would try to tell me what to do and how to act. She would casually bring up breaks, how we should have broken up 6 months earlier etc. Now, I live by this philosophy: Don't throw things away because they are a bit broken. Fix them instead. So everytime she'd call a break or saying we were over, i'd say "It's not because you can't deal with it better that we should end it". And I'd keep hoping for changes. I couldn't even game and be on the phone because she'd throw a tantrum. When we'd argue, she'd tell me "don't say that kind of stuff" I'd understand and stop but she'd start doing it for revenge. And when I would point it out, she'd keep doing it. Overall, she told me a month ago "we should break up" and I got so tired of it I said "Fine". She'd then act bipolar saying how much I was hurting her, then how much her friends were right and that I was using her for her body etc etc (Because I did a total of 18h to see her month and well, we slept together). And since then, she'd block, unblock. Begging me for another chance (even though I tell her I have given her so many already). I don't show her emotions or guilt. But the more she begs, the more I feel bad. The more I think I was at fault. It was to a point none of my family and friends would like her attitude. And now I don't know what to do. I never block anyone, never am mean.
I feel like imma go back to my depressed mood (a mood where It took me 3 therapist to go better)
Thanks for any further advice and for reading this far

TL:DR; Bipolar toxic LDR ex-gf begging me more and more to get back together and it shatters me the more she does it
But she treated me so bad for a year. I don't know what to do.
Toxicity, break-ups, second chances. So many choices to make?
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