How to stop loving a girl who doesn't love me anymore?

I met a girl online and we had a long distance relationship for the past all year, we only met once because of the distance 2000 miles, we went through a lot of arguments then she asked me for a break for two months because I respected her and I loved her I gave her that distance she needed even tho it was hard for me, when I tried to talk back with her she told me she don't want our relationship anymore and she already fucked someone in that period and now she knows another guys rather him, it hurted me a lot as I feel she still have feelings for me but she just hide it because of the difficulties of our relationship, I still love her, think about her everyday and all the time and she knows all that but she won't care, I keep thinking about her fucking someone else all the time and it's stressing me a lot, I really love her and I don't know what to do as I don't even understand why did she even do that, I try to move on from her but my heart always takes me back to her and I'd really love to hear an advice from someone please
How to stop loving a girl who doesn't love me anymore?
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