Should I break up with my boyfriend because he lied about being in contact with his rebound?

So my current boyfriend and I dated for 8 months, then broke up for 3 months. During that time I got a new boyfriend and he had a rebound. Yet we got back together.

Since then I told him I wasn’t comfortable with him being close to the girl he slept with while we were broken up because she wanted a relationship from him when he did not, she blocked me on all social media and she just shit talks me to anyone who’d listen. While they had their thing, she also demanded he never speak to me and tried to force him to delete pictures of me and throw my stuff away. He kept everything, but still didn’t speak to me until he went back home and was away from her. I’ve never met the girl but I think it’s childish she hates me just because I’m dating my boyfriend. He stopped talking to her and focused on me.

My boyfriend said he liked her as a person and felt like a dick for what happened with her, so he eventually wanted to talk to her again. I told him to give us time because our relationship is still kind of rocky and needs stability and this would cause issues. Two days ago, I brought up again how the idea of them being close friends makes me uncomfortable and disrespected. Then he admits that he’s been talking to her on occasion for two weeks now and sometimes they even FaceTime. I was heartbroken. I asked him maybe 6 days ago if they were talking and he lied. He’s been hiding the truth from me this whole time while I thought things were great. He lied to me so easily.

He says he didn’t want to upset me by telling me they were talking again and was trying to “protect” me. He says he is very sorry and would never do it again. He always avoids conflict and let’s it get out of hand.

Ultimately, I feel betrayed, I don’t trust him like I used to and I feel like she is more important to him than I am. Should I break up with him or not?
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Should I break up with my boyfriend because he lied about being in contact with his rebound?
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