Should I give him another chance?

So I dated this guy for 7 months after being best friends with him for about a year before hand. The relationship seemed amazing at the time, and was one of the happiest periods of my life. It started to go downhill after we spent some time apart from each other due to our circumstances, resulting in a lack of communication. He eventually cheated on me and the relationship ended, and I ended up making out with another guy the same day we broke up.

I know this seems weird after everything that happened, but me and my ex are still friends and we have a close bond. We’ve talked through our problems and the opportunity has arisen for us to potentially get back together.

As much as I want to get back with him, I’m struggling to choose between saving what I had with him and the way he made me feel, or moving on to the possibility of someone better. I don’t want to lose the guy who could potentially be the love of my life, and how can I know there are other guys out there who I could feel the same about?

Any advice?
Should I give him another chance?
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