Do I have reasons to ignore my ex?

We had an amazing relationship and ended on friendly terms and decided to stay friends but she has done a few things that upset me after the break up. I want to know if i'm right on being mad at her or if i'm overreacting:

- she left me on read after we exchanged a few texts last time i reached out to talk to her
- i always have to be the one initiating contact
- she didn't care to know if i ever got the new job even though she knows how important it was for me
- she sent me a text simply saying "happy birthday" on my birthday. She usually cares a lot about birthdays and makes big texts to dedicate to people on their birthdays but she didn't do that to me. She didn't even got the day right
- she said on twitter that the best person she met last year was this random dude even though she met me last year and was crazy for me and said i was the best guy she has ever met
- she comes to my hometown often but never cares to come visit me and makes excuses not to

Now she's trying to reach out to me. Should i ignore her?
You're overreacting. Dont ignore her and be friendly
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She sounds like a bitch. Ignore her
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Do I have reasons to ignore my ex?
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