Contact with ex when a newborn is involved?

just really wondering what peoples expriences have been with contact with ex when a newborn is involved?

im due with a baby girl in march and since splitting with the babies father I've had nothing but hassle from him and his family in regards to contact, he thinks he's going to get 3 and a half days a week which i have point blank refused plus i want to breast feed, i have offered supervised contact a couple of hours per fortnight once the baby is born but him and his family are not happy with this, im getting so stressed over it and the baby isn't even due for another 10 weeks

he's even been to a solicitors threatening court action, even though I've never said he can't have contact i just want it supervised
9 mo
due to what people have "adviced" me on here i have decided to take my offer back and not allow any contact until made to by a court plus i have decided to not include him on the birth certificate as i was originally going to do and not i have decided to not inform him when when i go into labor or have him at the birth like i originally said to him i would do but now he can wait until me and baby are out of the hospital like other people do and he can wait untill he gets his court order now
9 mo
u all just assume im some evil women stopping him see his child when u do not know me or him u never even asked if i had a reason u just assumed i was evil
Contact with ex when a newborn is involved?
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