How to get over him? or just so it doesn’t hurt so bad?

My first boyfriend and I have been broken up for 10 months and we haven’t spoke with each other on any form in 7. I still wake up everyday feeling sick and depressed over him. I still care and have feelings. He’s been with at least 3 girls since we broke up that I’m aware of and I have been with no guys nor do I even want to be with anyone else. He recently unfollowed me like 2 months ago & just stopped stalking my Instagram stories 2 weeks ago, I’m assuming bc he made it official with the 3rd girl and we saw each other in person last week and he looked frightened and looked away immediately and just stayed stiff. We didn’t have a vicious break up. Like I said, we kept in contact, nothing big just one lined snap message replies to stories, for 3 months after. And then when he started dating the first girl, he stopped talking to me all together, and the 3rd girl is when he unfollowed & removed me from following him so he could post her without feeling guilty that I saw it I’m assuming.

I don't know, I wake up everyday and it’s 90% of my thought, I can’t eat, I can’t sleep still, I make up so many scenarios and blame myself for where it went wrong. I haven’t been just stable in such a long time and I feel like I’m not even living anymore, I’m just existing unfortunately. I don’t get excited or happy about anything. It feels like I’m just doing what I have to just to get to the next day and it’s felt like that for the last 10 months. I feel so numb and dead inside and I feel like there’s nothing I can do about it. I feel like a sad shell of a human being that used to once exist. I’m very much “haunted by heartbreak” every waking and even sleeping moment of my life.
How to get over him? or just so it doesn’t hurt so bad?
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