Who’s to blame for me and my boyfriend breaking up?

I’m not trying to make a blame game , but I’m curious what others think. My boyfriend and I were togethor for 3 years, we had an instant amazing connection and it was like nothing else. We met online. I visited him twice in those years, and he visited me 0 times because it’s hard for him to get to my country becuase of visas and it would be hard for his family to understand. It still upset me that he didn’t come to me. We are from different cultures. I told him that I was willing to move to his country when I finish my studies, which will be in a few years. He said before that we could visit eachother until that time, despite him never visiting me before. Then he changed his tune. He said I would have to change my religion to be with him and that his parents wouldn’t agree with us being togethor. He said if I came I would have no family there or anyone to fall back on if we argued. I cared about him a lot and was still willing to live there, and try to be as independent as possible. Anyway, we’ve broken up now. Was he wrong to not fight for me or am I plain naive?😂😂
Who’s to blame for me and my boyfriend breaking up?
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