Did he lie to me?

My ex broke up with me in October. Long story short now it’s January and I still have occasional thoughts running through my mind. We only dated 2 months but he was my first boyfriend.

he goes to college 1hr and 20 minutes away and told me it was rlly hard for him and he needed something closer and that he was always missing me and he hated it. He came to visit sometimes though

This hurt me and I was a mess for weeks and it still kind of haunts me but it’s not as bad.

We’ve talked on and off since then but only if I’ve initiated and he asked to be friends with benefits and told me he didn’t wanna go back to the relationship which hurt.

so tonight I was at dinner with a friend and mutual friend and she was like “do you have a bf?” And I was like “no - just an ex lol” because we were near his college for the weekend so I brought hip up

and she was like “why’d y’all break up?” And I was like “because of distance. 1 hour and 20 minutes was hard on him” and she was like “that is the dumbest excuse I’ve ever heard”

So my feelings are kinda hurt because it makes me think I’m not good enough or something. I have self esteem issues sometimes. I know I’m not ugly but hearing that makes me question my worth

it makes me feel like he dumped me because of my looks or something or he was ashamed of me and it really hurts. What should I do?
Did he lie to me?
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