Dragging my name through the mud?

6 years ago I was dating this guy that I truly fell in love with but he ended up breaking up with me because he said I wasn't what he wanted and he wasn't looking for anything serious. Fast forward to the present he has returned more than once asking me to give him another opportunity, that he really regrets letting me go, that he has dated a lot but he finally sees that I was the one because I was very good to him and no other female compared.

He thinks I won't give him a chance because he broke my heart in the past and because I had a turbulent relationship with my son's father. But in reality he's not mentally stable, he can be kind of immature, he can't stand on his two feet as far as in money, and he likes to drink heavily/smoke marijuana. His lifestyle has nothing to do with mine. I've rejected him three times now, yet he pops up. And he's been speaking ill of me yet again. He did this 6 years ago when he dumped me. Should I just be honest on what I truly think?
Dragging my name through the mud?
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