After breakup this is still bugging me... Did I do the right choice?

I recently broke up with my girlfriend, we've been together for 2 years. It was a heaty relationship, we've had the same fights about the same topics. Mainly about me accusingly flirting/chatting/wanting other women which I never did. I don't even use social media, and she could check my phone anytime but she didn't let go of the thought that I would desire others. On the other hand she was really loving me, I could feel it. She was always bragging of how happy she is to have me as her boyfriend and that she would never let go of me and she coulnd't stop gifting me pictures of us together and other stuff... but even after 2 years she never trusted me, she kept searching my phone for anything that has to do with other women once I was asleep. That one time she showed up at my work and had a fight with my female coworker. Thing is she was absolute gorgeous, like if someone had to be worried it was me. I've never been unfaithful, always been honest and spent most of my free time with her yet she could never trust me. So I ended things with her, the jealousy got out of control. She told me "I love you" just as many times like "do you even love me". I've been working SO hard to prove that I only want her but it was never enough to make her trust me... Did I do the right thing or did I just run away like a fool?
After breakup this is still bugging me... Did I do the right choice?
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