Should I block my Ex?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me 2 months ago. He’s been calling and checking up on me and every time I go out he calls and tell me to be careful and to call him when I get home safe. A week ago on Saturday morning he told me he’s going to the dentist to get his teeth pulled out and if I’m free later or Sunday I should come and check up on him, I replied by saying I will come on Sunday but I didn’t tell him the time. On Sunday I went to his house around noon and when I got there knocked at the door and he opened and there was another girl sitting on the couch. He started screaming at me asking me why I showed up at his house and I’m a psycho and I’m stalking him and the girl sitting here in someone new I’m dating and he said I broke up with you 6 months ago please leave me alone. And I said we talked yesterday and you the one who asked me to come see you and since you broke up with me you have been calling me telling me how much you care about me and you feel bad for doing the over stupid things. After that he putted his hands around my neck and pushed me outside his apartment and shut the door on my face and said I lost a good friend, he’s going to block my numbers and I’m a psycho. It’s been a week since everything happened and he’s been calling me everyday and I have been ignoring his calls and it’s hard for me to believe that I dated this guy for 2 years and after two months of breaking up over me not picking up my calls because I was mad at him, and when he’s mad at me he blocks me for 3 days and when he comes back he expect me to be fine and get over it. And for him to treat me this bad in-front of the new girl he’s dating really break my heart. I’m really having a hard time moving on and my ex has been calling with different numbers every two days
please help
Should I block my Ex?
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